One theme of this book is loyalty.  Alex is loyal to Scorpia almost throughout the book, even though he faked some of it. At the same time, Alex is also loyal to his father, the one he never met.  John (Alex's father) was an assassin working for Scorpia. Alex and Scorpia both failed to realize that John was loyal to MI6, and was working undercover. While in Scorpia, Julia showed him a video of MI6 double-crossing Scorpia in a deal.  Thought to have lost their best assassin, Scorpia was in doubt and didn't try anything until they realized MI6 had faked them out. Scorpia then placed a bomb on the plane that John and his wife were on.  Alex was told of a plane crash, but it was really a bomb.  Even after knowing this Alex was still loyal to Scopia, but after MI6 told him that the people that John had assassinated were also enimies of MI6, Alex flipped sides and became loyal to MI6.