In Scorpia, Alex Rider, a teenage spy for MI6, the British intelligence, gets entangled with a criminal group called Scorpia. After he escapes, Alan Blunt, the head of MI6, informs him that Scorpia has a plan to kill every British child in England. So Alex gets sent back to Scorpia as a double agent to prevent Scorpia's plan, Invisible Sword. 

                                                   Antagonist Motivation
        The only reason why Scorpia is proceeding with Invible Sword is for money. A rich, Middle Eastern man (they do not say his name) wants to end the American-British alliance. The way that Scorpia does this is by secretly putting nanoshells in vaccines for kids.The nanoshells contain a powerful poison contained in a golden sphere, so the poison won't hit the heart until the right time. Then the orginization will "detonate" the spheres (that are only a billionth of a hair long) by sending terahertz waves (between infrared and micro waves) to destroy the golden shells and let the poison run free. All for 25 million dollars.

                                        Protagonist Motivation
     The reason why Alex joins Scorpia was because he learns 2 things. 1, his father was part of Scorpia. And 2, the deputy for MI6 sent the order to "snipe" his father because Scorpia captured an ambassador's son, and MI6 captured John Rider, so they made a trade on Albert Bridge. But when Alex was captured back from Scorpia by MI6, he learns 2 different things. 1, his fther worked for MI6 and was undercover in Scorpia as an assasin. And 2, the bullet that "killed" John was a blank and there was a blood packet on his shirt. MI6 needed the son, but couldn't give up their best spy. Scorpia learned of the trick and placed a bomb on the plane that held John and his wife, Alex's mom. Another reason why Alex helped defeat Scorpia was that Scorpia injected a nanoshell into him too. The struggle was not only for the other children, but also for Alex's own life.

     In chapter 1, Scorpia is introduced. The 9 executives working for Scorpia are in Venice, Italy and are talking about their next plot to kill thousands of children. Julia Rothman sits at the head of the current operation.  She meets up with a man named Max, another Scorpia executive.  He wants to retire and tells Julia this. This was his biggest mistake. He left in a boat with a breifcase in his hands, but after opening it, Max was no more.  He learned that Scorpia wouldn't tolerate any foolishness.

      In another chapter, Alex is training with Scorpia by instinct. Alex felt that he had to follow in his father's footsteps.  Immediatly, Alex is hammered with activities that have to do with killing. His first task is ink blots and he failed miserably.  After some work with guns, Alex is brought to the "doctor of the island".  The doctor explains that Alex is getting beat up and needs some vitamins. Alex had no idea at what he'd gotten himself into.

     The climax in Scorpia is very exctiting and full of suspense. Alex is sent back to Scorpia, but with a tracker carefully concealed as a reatainer (thanks to Smithers, the gadget man of MI6). The plan was for Alex to be with Julia Rothman, the leader of Scorpia's plan, to find where they were going to send the terahertz beams. Julia finds the retainer, just before MI6 attacks. The dishes to emit the beams are in a hot air ballon, and that is where Alex goes. He climbs up, but Nile, Scorpia's best killer attacks him. Alex simultaneously kills Nile and destroys the balloon. Julia Rothman is not so lucky and gets crushed by the platform of the balloon and the satelite dishes. All of the British school children were saved, including Alex himself. Alex Rider has done it again!

  In the last chapter, after Alex had basically destroyed Scorpia, he gets stuck with MI6. Alex is told good job by a completely emotionless man, Alan Blunt. Ms. Jones, the Second Hand Man to Alan is also there congradulating Alex even after him trying to assassinate her. But even Alan hadn't thought of something, revenge.  Scorpia was spread throughout the world and someone was bound to find out that Alex had been the traitor.  He was. On his way out of the secret HQ, Alex was stepping off a curb and got shot.  Instantly, Alex was down and unconcious to conclude the book.